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Student Loan Refinancing and Consolidation: Which One is Right for You?

If you have student loan debt, you have most likely heard the terms “student loan consolidation” and “student loan refinancing”. Although they sound similar and are often used interchangeably...

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Choosing Your Private Student Loan Repayment Options – Part II

With the numerous private student loan repayment options available, selecting the right one can seem a bit overwhelming. However, with a little bit of knowledge, you have the power to make a more educated decision...

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Choosing Your Private Student Loan Repayment Options – Part I

When taking out private student loans or refinancing current student loans, many borrowers focus on either the interest rate of the loan or how much their monthly payments will be. This certainly makes sense...

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Student Loan Consolidation vs. Refinancing: What’s the Difference?

You’ve likely heard the term “student loan consolidation” or “student loan refinancing” and may have thought they mean the same thing...

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Student Loan Refinance: How To Look Beyond The Numbers

You’ve made your decision. You are going to refinance your student loans. You’ve done the research. You’ve compared a number of student loan refinance programs and done side-by-side calculations to see which ones have the lowest...

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When to Consider Refinancing Student Loans

Should I consolidate or refinance my student loans? At U‑fi Student Loans, we get this question daily and it’s one every person with student loan debt should ask themselves...

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