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3 Student Loan Mistakes to Avoid In Repayment

If you graduated from college this year you may have, for the first time, realized how much student loan debt you have. With the average student loan debt at around $29,000 per student...

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5 Myths About Private Student Loans

You may have heard about private student loans. Some of the information floating around about private loans can be similar to Bigfoot sightings – you hear a lot of stories, but they often aren’t based on facts...

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Are you Ready for Student Loan Repayment?

Don’t let your student loan statement be a surprise in the mail. Be prepared for student loan repayment by asking yourself these three questions...

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Selecting a Private Loan Program

If you have received your financial aid award and still need money for college, private loans may be worth considering. Private loans are offered by banks, credit unions, and other lending organizations...

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Understanding Your Options for Federal and Private Student Loans

Most students need to borrow money to cover the cost of their college education. It’s important to understand the borrowing options available. If you completed...

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Understanding Federal and Private Student Loan Applications

When you’re planning for college, one of the biggest challenges is likely how to pay for your education. If you’re lucky, you may have scholarships or grants to help cover the cost...

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Going to Graduate School? Options for Managing Undergraduate Student Loan Debt

Now that you’ve decided to go to graduate school, you may be researching how you will pay for tuition and other expenses. You have another decision to make as well...

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Understanding Student Loan Interest Rates and APRs

If you’ve ever taken out or refinanced your student loans, you probably know the interest rate of your loan and may have seen the letters ‘APR’ on your statement, which stand for Annual Percentage Rate. Understanding...

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Is a Cosigner Right for You? Navigating the Benefits of a Cosigner

You’ve probably heard the term “cosigner,” but do you know what it means, how it can help you, or what qualities make a good one? If you find your federal funds aren’t enough to cover the cost of college, you can consider ...

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