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COVID-19 Loan Relief

We are offering special forbearance to help support borrowers who have been impacted by COVID-19. This will allow you to temporarily suspend payments on your loans.

If you have been negatively impacted due to loss of income, job uncertainty, or unexpected expenses, you can receive this benefit.

How do I take advantage of this benefit?
1. Download and complete the COVID-19 forbearance application.
2. Login to your repayment account and upload your completed application.


How long does this benefit last?

This special forbearance is similar to hardship forbearance in that no payments are required, but interest will still accrue. This forbearance is available for as long as we determine the population to be impacted by events. Under this current program, your payments will be suspended for up to 90 days depending on your eligibility. If you are reapplying, your payments will be suspended until your October due date.