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2020 Guide to Taxes: 401(k)s, Student Loans, and More

Finances | By Dave Bowman

Handy Tax Info in One Place: 401(k)s, Student Loans, and More

Whether you’re a student, recent graduate, parent, cosigner, or well on your way to retirement, taxes are part of life. As you plan your 2020 finances and gear up to do your 2019 income taxes, you’ll need information.

We found a resource you may want to consult, bookmark, or print out for future reference. Personal finance columnist for Forbes Zack Friedman provided an article with key charts that include important financial and tax planning information.

  • Contribution limits for each type of retirement plan
  • Income tax brackets and tax rates
  • Income tax deductions
  • Student loans: Deductions and tax credits
  • Estate and gift tax exclusions, credits, exemption, and tax rate
  • Health Savings Account (HSA) deductibles, out of pocket amounts, and contribution limits
  • Mileage deductions for business, charitable, and medical use

We hope you find this resource helpful. Please note, this link is being provided as a convenience and for informational purposes only. It does not constitute an endorsement by U-fi From Nelnet of the services or opinions provided.

Improving your finances is more than managing your debt. It also involves informed investment decisions and tax planning. We’re here to provide ideas and resources – and you know U-fi From Nelnet offers smart private student loan options if you need them. Learn more and get started today.

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Dave Bowman is the Regional Director for U-fi From Nelnet and is expertly skilled in many aspects of financial aid, student loans, and financial management. Dave holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and has worked in a number of areas in higher education finance, including positions for banks, guarantee agencies and loan servicers. Dave has spoken at numerous colleges, universities, and financial aid conferences all across the United States.

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