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U-fi From Nelnet: Putting Experience Behind the Name

Student Loan Refinancing/ Student Loans | By Ron Hancock

March 3, 2020

U-fi From Nelnet? Yes, you heard it. Effective March 3, our name is formally changing from U-fi to U-fi From Nelnet.

If you’re currently a U-fi borrower, you probably know that U-fi borrowers have big dreams for their future, and we help them dream even bigger. We reward borrowers for their hard work and hustle by matching them with better, smarter student loan solutions. And then we support our customers with teams of real people who are not only friendly and helpful – they’re experts in supporting borrowers.

Here’s one thing you may not know about us.

U-fi is (and always has been) a Nelnet company

Everything you know about how we serve our customers came from our roots. Changing our name to U-fi From Nelnet just makes it clear who we are and where we came from.

Nelnet was founded over 40 years ago to serve our customers and make their educational dreams possible. Creating U-fi helped bring that experience to private student loans and refinancing. Our new name, U-fi From Nelnet, reflects that relationship, so you’ll just start seeing Nelnet more prominently on the website and communications. But nothing has changed with the company or with your student loans.

You don’t need to do anything. Your account information and website are staying the same, and the way you do everything remains the same. The only change you’ll see is to our logo and the new U-fi From Nelnet name. And that will just remind you why you’re in such good hands.

If you’re not one of our current customers, you may want to explore U-fi From Nelnet for our competitive rates on student loans and student loan refinance options. You can even refinance a parent PLUS loan with us.

Ron Hancock

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Ron Hancock is the Regional Director for U-fi From Nelnet and is an expert in many aspects of financial aid, student loans, and debt management. A graduate of the University of Oklahoma, Ron has worked in a number of areas of higher education finance, including positions in a college financial aid office, training and development for a state agency, and most recently as National Manager for Nelnet’s Partner Solutions team. Ron has spoken at numerous financial aid conferences all across the United States.

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